Fakes and Frauds

Number 75b Ferrari Berlinetta - Red with Chrome Hubs

This seller of this model was based in New Zealand and it was offered on ebay through their UK site. It sold in January 2008 for 210GBP.

Although at first look this model appears to be okay, a little checking revealed a few issues. It is always important to do your homework on sellers. This is easy to do on ebay. By looking at a sellers feedback you can see what he has sold and for how much. Also you can check what else he has sold in the last 30 days by looking at his history.

By spending 5 minutes doing this, I found out the following information about this seller which should send out FRAUD SIGNALS to any sensible buyer.


Here is the title of the auction

Notice it is intended for the buyer to think the model is genuine by stating "RARE RED - MIB".

In December the seller had on offer a #44 Rolls Royce Phantom with grey plastic wheels. Here is the description from that auction.

Lesney Matchbox

#44b Rolls Royce Phantom V VNMIB

RARE model with grey plastic wheels. Ramsay's 12th edition has this model valued in mint/boxed condition at 200-250 pounds.

This model is in complete excellent plus to near mint condition with light wear and a couple of small marks. C9+

The scarce issue box is in complete original condition but suffers from creasing and some light handling wear. C7+

A stunning model in great condition, this model does not come up for sale often!

Now, let's take a look at the description from the auction for the Ferrari.

 We have here a rare #75B Ferrari Berlinetta, colour red, unpainted base and disc wheels.

  1.  It is in absolutely pristine condition with no chips, rubs or other marks.
  2. This model was found in the effects of my late deceased father and have no knowledge of where and when he bought this model.
  3. Comes with a MINT original box

SELLER COMMENT: I received a number of emails asking about this model and box.The box is original and the model itself is displayed as seen in photos.I have no way of finding out the 'provenance of the source of this model due it being found in amongst my late fathers stamp collection.If it has been a repaint of an original model then it is a brilliant model to display until you the collector gets an 'original' model.After all I am not asking the world for this lovely car and box.

I have highlighted some interesting comments from this auction. I find it interesting that when selling the Rolls Royce, from his description, it appeared that he knew what he had, and what he was selling (especially when it came to it's value). However, when it comes to the Ferrari, he acts dumb!

Also, in the Ferrari description he states the model came from his fathers estate. That being the case, where did the Rolls Royce come from? He also mentions it could be a repaint, but sort of glosses over this.

Here are the photos he provided with the auction.



This is how the photo looked in the auction. It shows the model but as you can see, it is a distant shot so you can't see too much detail. Always a good trick of the fakers!
Here is the same photo cropped for a close up. Notice it comes out a little blurry. Another trick of the fakers!
The rear looks fine and the box looks to be in good condition.
Okay, now the alarm bells should start to ring. Although the luster is fine on the paint work, look at the wheel hubs. They are supposed to be chrome. These ones look like they have been painted with silver paint.

Again, look at the hubs, They are far too dull for a model that is being offered in mint condition.

Ahhh - the base! Check out the "rivets". They have been drilled so the base can be swapped. If the model was original, the "rivets" would not have this much paint on them after a machine has splayed them to hold the base in place. Also, the "rivet" should be sitting above the base, not below the base.
Here is a close up of the "rivet". Now it is easy to see that it's a repaint being passed off as genuine. From this photo you can see how the "rivet" has been drilled out to dismantle the model and then painted over.

This model sold for 210GBP. A fool and his money have been parted and they have no come back on the seller. He walks away with a handsome profit!

Why, you ask? In his sellers comments, he states"If it has been a repaint of an original model then it is a brilliant model to display until you the collector gets an 'original' model"

His arse is covered and another fraud is committed because someone didn't spend 5 minutes to do some checking. It's not rocket science, just plain commonsense !

Last but by no means least, ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING! If the purchaser of this model did a little research he could have easily found out that the box is the incorrect style for a red regular wheels Ferrari. All regular wheels red Ferarris came in the later F type box. Below is the genuine item in the correct box, so you know what to look for next time.



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