Fakes and Frauds

Number 21C Commer Milk Float

This is a variation that I have always been suspicious of. I have never seen a mint and boxed "blue" version of this model. However, I have seen a few "blue" versions that in reality are green ones that have been left in the sun! I have never thought of this to be a genuine variation until I notice Matchbox guru Nick Jones mention it. Since then one or two have come to light and been sold, but I am still suspicious!

Take this ebay listing for example. Is it really a "blue" version or a green one that has been sun baking too long? When you look closely at the photos, green can be seen where the decal has chipped. On the base, green can be seen in the corners and long the edges indicating that it is just the "top" that is blue, backing my theory that it is faded.

Also, according to Nick, all blue versions have "off white" crates. this one has white crates, so again this is evidence that it is not a genuine blue version.

I do have an open mind on this and if someone has a genuine mint and boxed blue version out there, please email me a photo. I would love to see it!




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