Fakes and Frauds

With all the talk around these days regarding Matchbox Toy fakes and frauds, I thought it appropriate to write some articles regarding this topic.

The idea behind this is not to slander anyone, but to point out WHY an item is considered "suspect" or fake. This is for the purpose of helping and educating those who don't know what to look for.

It's easy for someone to say an item is not legitimate but I believe there needs to be some form of explanation for the claim. This is my mission!

Don't Get Stung
Hmmm! - Judge for Yourself?
The Gippsland Collection
Number 4c Triumph T110 Motorcycle
Number 13a Bedford Breakdown Truck
Number 14c Bedford Lomas Ambulance
Number 21c Commer Milk Truck
Number 22a Vauxhall Cresta
Number 26b Foden Cement Mixer
Number 27c Cadillac Sixty Special
Number 28c Jaguar Mark X
Number 41a Jaguar D Type with rare "52" decals
Number 45a Vauxhall Victor
Number 46b Pickfords Beales Bealeson Van
Number 64b MG 1100
Number 68b Mercedes Benz Coach
Number 75b Ferrari Berlinetta