Grant comes from Adelaide in South Australia. He sent me a few photos of some of his restorations and I was very impressed! He has also supplied a "how to" on replacing axles on Matchbox Regular Wheels models. When we moved house, I sent a 17 kilo package of old Matchbox Toys to Grant for him to restore and modify. Here are some of his completed restorations.
Matchbox 3b Bedford Tippers. 2 nice restorations, one in the original colours of grey cab and red back and the other reverse colours. Matchbox 06a Quarry Truck. This has had the tipper back removed and a flat bed installed. Looks great!
Matchbox 03c Mercedes Benz Binz Ambulance. Here are before restoration and after restoration photos. Nicely done with a new roof light and door decals.
Matchbox 08e Ford Mustang Fastback. Again a before and after shot. Sensational!
Matchbox 36c Opel Diplomat. Looks great as a Highway Patrol Car. Shame Matchbox didn't get more creative with this model. Matchbox 42a Bedford News Van converted to an ambulance. These were used in the UK in the late 1950's and early 1960's as ambulances.
Matchbox 44c GMC Refrigeration Truck. Grant says, "I had this container truck lying around with no back so using a piece of curtain rail and two domed bolt head I made a LPG tank!" Matchbox 44c GMC Refrigeration Truck with the back from an 11d Pipe Truck.
Matchbox 19c Lotus Racing car Before and after shots. Notice the wire wheels! Awesome!
Matchbox 52b BRM Racing Car. Again, before and after shots.
Matchbox 55b Ford Fairlane Police Cars. Nicely restored to look like genuine American Police Cars. The black and white looks like it drove off the set of The Andy Griffith Show!
Matchbox Accessories Pack Number1 Bedford Car Transporter before and after pictures.
Matchbox Major Pack M3 Thornycroft Antar with Caterpillar on the back. Stunning!

This was Grants first recreation. Matchboxes 30c 8 wheel crane with a 44c refrigerator truck back cut and shut to make a police rescue truck.

© 2008 Moko Lesney Matchbox - Photos courtesy of Grant Warren